In an ever-complex world of financial services and products, the One Number Solution™ analyzes your financial life to provide you a simple, easy-to-follow way to live in financial freedom. It offers you an opportunity to declutter your financial life so you have control to make conscious decisions towards what is more important.

Whatever that is for you. There are NO substitutes for this solution. 

– M. Bishop

Owner, Bishop Wealth Management

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I love the One Number Solution™

because it frees my time and thoughts to focus on things that really need my attention.

The One Number Solution™ means that everything is accounted for and handled. I don't have to track every cent to stay on top of things. Everything is in control — without me having to control it all!

It's a relief to spend money without judgment or criticizing or accounting or justifying. I'm not a better person or a worse person because of how I spend my money. I just keep within my One Number Solution™ and enjoy life.

– L. Bolton

Barrington Group




"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business"

– Henry Ford

You tell us your goals, we help you reach them. We’re not here to rush, we want to explain everything at your pace.
We’re proud to help people get the most life out of their money, and even prouder that many of our clients become friends.