The ONLY Thing I Don’t Want You To Delegate...

Of all the D-words… dollars, driver, dessert, dog-walking, diCaprio… ‘delegate’ just might be my favourite.

Because I whole-heartedly believe that you can do anything, but you can’t do everything

And often you’ll find a much better-suited person to take over tasks that have to be done, but don’t have to be done BY YOU. 

Here are some of the things I delegate:

  • Filing

  • Laundry

  • Vacuuming and dusting

  • Managing my calendar

It’s not always that I don’t want to do these things; some are simply better done by others. (Believe me, all those things on my list are sooo much better done by others!!)

I see lots of women take on more than their fair share of a whole range of tasks. I know the whole division of domestic labour is a complicated debate. Personally, I simply do not suffer from the need to do everything myself, especially all things domestic as you can see.   

However, there is one thing I don’t want to see women, or men for that matter, delegate ever. And that’s their financial future.

Strangely enough, household budgeting, spending, planning and saving is one domestic task I see women abdicate responsibility from all the time! And these are professional women who deal with money and finances daily in their career. They manage budgets in the millions yet  they don’t weigh-in on the family finances.   

It’s not because they don’t care, or prefer to live a life of blissful ignorance - no!

These smart, competent, ambitious women STILL carry the mental load of persistent worry, fear and not-knowing. They don’t have enough information about their own financial future to ease their fear of living on the street eating noodles in retirement.

It really doesn’t matter to me why this happens… whether it’s cultural, systemic, conscious, unconscious, whether we’re facing time constraints or career distractions…

I just want it to stop.

I want women, in particular, (because they’re the ones I see being left out of basic financial decisions at home) to pull up a chair, sit at the table and participate in the discussions about their own financial future, the way they participate in all the other discussions at home that affect the health, happiness and futures of their loved ones.

Even if right now ‘portfolio management’ seems like a task better left to someone else - it’s not laundry or dusting.

Mastery of your finances changes how you show up at the table, cements your confidence at a deep level, and gives you the security and certainty that your sound future is something you’ve had a hand in creating.

>>> securing your financial future means talking about it! You can’t tidy your finances up if you are constantly sweeping difficult conversations under the rug!!

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